Immersion Suits

In today’s times, an immersion suit is one of the most important necessities on ships and oil rigs, considering the protection needed from the hazards of water.

Complies with SOLAS Regulations MSC.81(70)

Key features extracted from SOLAS Regulations for Immersion Suits:

  • Each person on board the ship must have his/her own personal immersion suit.
  • Internationally RED in colour which is highly visible.
  • The immersion suit should be unpacked and donned within a time frame of 2 minutes without any external help or assistance. The suit should be able to cover the whole body except the face.
  • Hands should be covered unless permanently attached gloves are provided.
  • Retro-reflective tapes must be fitted.
  • Normal work must be able to be carried out upon wearing.
  • The suit does not allow the body temperature to drop by more than 2 degrees when immersed for a period of 6 hours when the water temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees