Breathing Air Compressor Quality Test kit

The Breathing Air Quality test kit measures the purity of breathing air from high or low-pressure cylinders and compressors quickly, easily, and accurately. IMO guidelines MSC/Circ. 850 recommends annual testing of your air quality from BA Sets, Escape sets and breathing air compressors. The air quality should confirm to EN 12021.

Key features of our Breathing Air Compressor Quality Test kit:

  • Can measure 4 gases simultaneously
  • Ready to use
  • Uses readily available testing tubes


  • Our kit enables you to accurately measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water, oil and nitrous oxide levels in breathing air
  • Preset settings of the flow rate for the gases to be measured enables you to use the kit instantly
  • Tubes are clearly arrow marked for use with the kit giving you quick and easy to understand results

Technical Data:

  • Operational medium: Air
  • Max pressure: 300 bar
  • Flow preset for CO & CO2 tubes: 0.3 l/min
  • Flow preset for H2O tubes: 1 l/min
  • Flow preset for oil tubes: 2.5 l/min
  • Flow present for nitrous gases tubes: 0.3 l/min