3. What you want to learn about that it launch

3. What you want to learn about that it launch

Fresh analytics into intimate positioning in the united kingdom in 2017 of the area, sex, years, relationship position, ethnicity and you will socio-financial group.


In Intimate Positioning, UK: 2018 i have typed an inform towards the group of rates along with the the new 2018 rates. Such numbers change from numbers previously penned of these age and you may supersede the fresh new numbers when you look at the Intimate Positioning, UK: 2017. Additionally, figures to possess 2012 and you will 2013 do not function an identical time collection that have numbers having 2014 so you’re able to 2018. Further specifics of the new updates designed to the details and their impact are available in this new Calculating the information and knowledge section of the Intimate Positioning, UK: 2018 analytical bulletin and also the Sexual Positioning Quality and you can Methods (QMI) file.

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  3. Things you need to learn about it launch
  4. All United kingdom inhabitants describes due to the fact heterosexual or upright
  5. A higher proportion of men than simply females select due to the fact homosexual otherwise lesbian
  6. Young men and women are prone to pick while the lesbian, gay otherwise bisexual than any almost every other age bracket
  7. People in London are likely to understand while the lesbian, gay or bisexual
  8. Populace distinguishing because the lesbian, homosexual otherwise bisexual are probably to own a marital reputation of single (never partnered otherwise municipal married)
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